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    Non-Surgical Facelift Treatment(Ulthera Therapy)

    MRF/Ulthera Therapy is a Non-Surgical Facelift Treatment which lifts your muscles and makes your skin firm and youthful-looking.The treatment stimulates multiple layers of skin remodeling, not just the surface layer. The surface layer reveals many signs of aging, like fine lines, discoloration, blood vessels, sun spots, acne scars, etc. But it’s the remodeling of deep to surface collagen layers that lifts and tightens the skin.
    The second session (if needed) will be provided for free within one year.

    AED 9,000
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    Laser Tattoo Removal

    Lasers are used to fade unwanted tattoos, breaking down colours by reacting with ink pigments. Additional sessions may be needed depending on the size and colour of the tattoo in question, with bright colours and UV inks requiring more attention than darker ones.

    From AED 449
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