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Personalized & Passionate Care

One of the most noble and precious role of women is giving the gift of life to humanity. The organ which is responsible for this miraculous action requires very special care and attention to perform without complications or undesirable outcomes.

The specialist who attend to all women's health requirements not only should have the knowledge, but also the expertise and gentleness to provide the needed care. We at Al Biraa Clinic have one of the best specialists to perform such delicate job.

Women's bodies go through a lot, from puberty onward. Our experienced practitioners are ready to provide expert care for women of all ages for any of life 's challenges along the way.

At reaching the age of puberty, all women should have an OB GYN to take care of their Female Reproductive Organ's Health and Management of Pregnancy. Regular check-ups prevent Genital Infections, Genital Warts, Cervical Cancer, STDs, Breast Cancer, etc.

Women's health issues are personal. OB-GYN understands, and makes sure you get the attention you deserve, so you completely understand your health concerns. You'll feel comfortable knowing you're getting thoughtful, committed care for all your health needs.




Whether you're a new mom or are expecting your latest addition, you and your developing baby need exceptional care. At Al Biraa Clinic, you'll get real, personal care from doctors with decades of experience in everything from preconception to postpartum care. Even after delivering thousands of babies, the team at Al Biraa Clinic is almost as excited as you are.


Your relationship with your gynecologist is an important one. We value each and every one of our relationships with our patients. Our team of experienced specialists work with you throughout your lifetime to make your health a top priority.