> Glycolic acid for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Glycolic acid

To Healing the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation Glycolic acid is one of the most effective ingredients. Glycolic acid speed up healing of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

as this tiny molecule is matchless at gently and chemically exfoliating the skin. Glycolic Acid is the tiny and lightest of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids and effective at quick deep penetration the skin. Dermatologist applies topically glycolic acid on skin then glycolic acid works to weaken and dissolve the lipids holding cells together in the top layer of skin, and then shed off dead, damaged, or discolored skin cells. Through this speedy chemical exfoliation, spots from post inflammatory hyperpigmentation are more likely to reduce in color and appearance, faster.

Additionally, as experts have observed, glycolic acid offers another benefit for treating PIH spots. Glycolic acid drives new skin cells to the surface of the face. This spurred cell renewal helps to reveal the healthier, underlying skin, and promotes a more even skin tone overall.

Glycolic acid peels

For more serious cases of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, professionally performed glycolic acid peels have been shown to be an especially helpful treatment option.

“In the author’s experience with cases of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation in skin types III and IV, a series of 35% GA peels has produced good results. The complete resolution of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is commonly seen after six to eight peel treatments.”

For the sufferers with more intense post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation issues, a series of higher concentration glycolic acid peels may be a faster, and much desired option, for removing discolored spots.

PIH-free possibilities

For treating several skin conditions and problems Glycolic acid has long been heralded by dermatologists Now, this tiny molecule is being thrust in the spotlight once again for its ability to treat the all-too common spots that signal post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.



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