It is super bouncy, hyd rated, dewy and glass like skin treatment that consists

  • Deep cleaning of face using a cleanser with AHA 5%.
  • Mild exfoliating fruit active enzymes.
  • Application of warm towel to unclog the pores.
  • Do the extraordinary galvanic device to open (dilate) pores, increase circulation in the area, and soften tissues.
  • Application of hyaluronic enzyme to make the skin calm, smooth and luminous.
  • Versatile light emitting diode led mask (preferably yellow lights-to reduce dark spots).
  • Wipe the face with cold towel to tighten the skin and protect the pores.
  • Application of vita min C serum to boost the glowing glass skin result.
  • Antioxidant alginate mask for superfluous antioxidant and soothing effect.
  • Final touch of moisturizer and/or sun protection.

“Glass skin” is a skin goal that stands for poreless, luminous, translucent skin – just like glass.

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