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Providing the highest quality, up to date, customer-centric aesthetic & health services with exceptional results, Meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of wide range of customers, and gaining their trust and satisfaction.


One of the most sought-after and prestigious clinic in aesthetic medicine and healthcare

About Al Biraa

After more than 25 years of successful career and rich experience in medical practice both in USA and Dubai, Dr. Ayman Mofti established Al Biraa clinic (ABC) in 2010 in the prestigious Jumeirah area in Dubai. Utilizing his vast knowledge and experience and with the help of highly qualified physicians and health practitioners staff, ABC become one of the most successful clinic in the area.

Few years later, Dr. Ruzanna Ghazaryan, who obtained MD degree in 2003 followed by 2 masters, joined the clinic and became managing partner. She took special interest in Aesthetics Medicine and became her passion. She has been a driving force behind the progressive success of Albiraa Clinic.

The clinic is Enjoying a reputation beyond Dubai, attracting wide range of customers from GCC, Africa (as far as Nigeria) and India etc.

Albiraa Clinic management and staff are happy to serve you and promise their best to provide you the following:
- Highly qualified and experienced staff
- High work’s ethics and honesty
- Friendly and professional environment
- Satisfying, pleasurable experiences


Tamim Rahman
Tamim Rahman
General Practitioner

Dr. Tamim Rahman Labiba is a graduate of Dubai Medical College who has been raised in Dubai, UAE. She was trained in Dubai Health Authority and is a DHA licensed General Practitioner with vast knowledge of medicine and cosmetology.
She is also a licensed physician in the UK possessing active registration with the General Medical Council.
Certified in Advanced Aesthetic Medicine from the Ministry of Health, Dr. Tamim has been working in Al Biraa Clinic to provide its patients with best care both medically and aesthetically.

She does several procedures including consultations for skin concerns.
The following procedures are some of the services provided by her:
– Mesotherapy
– Underarm Botox
– Profhilo
– Micro needling
– Gold stamping
– Non surgical face lift procedures

Vaneeta Shahani
Vaneeta Shahani
Homeopathy Practitioner

Dr Vaneeta Shahani graduated in 1985 with a Gold Medal from National Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital Lucknow. After 14yrs of flourishing private practice in Mumbai, India, she relocated with family to Dubai. She is now one of the senior most Homeopaths of Dubai. She got her license from the Ministry of Health in the first batch of Homeopaths certified to practice and has been practicing here since 2002. She is also the Director of the International Institute of Homeopathy in UAE.

Dr Vaneeta is a 3rd generation Homeopath in her family. She has excelled in school and college. She was the president of Students Council in School as well as College and also on the Merit List of the ISC Board in 1976.

She has presented papers on Use of Homeopathy in Treating Acute Diseases, Treatment of Oral Pyogenic Granuloma with Homeopathy, Significance of Hahnemann’s Teachings, Role of Homeopathy in Building Immunity, Holistic Healing in a Toxic World and also on Hyperactivity in Children at the Arab Health Conference.

She has received several awards and felicitations in Dubai including Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of Health in UAE and has been associated with various charitable health camps in Dubai.

Dr Vaneeta specializes in Constitutional treatment with emphasis on Holistic healing, With nearly 35 years of experience she has successfully treated innumerable cases of Skin infections, Allergies, Developmental delay in Children, Gastro intestinal disorders, Gynecological disorders, Respiratory disorders, etc. in children as well as in adults.

Ebtisam Kotkat
Ebtisam Kotkat
Oriental Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture & Hijama

Trained in Complementary Medicine in China and USA -Certified in Cosmetic Acupuncture, Maizen School, USA 2006 -Neuromuscular and Reiki Release Therapy / Japanese healing, USA 2007 -Certified, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Upledger Institute Inc., USA 2005 -Clinical training, approaching the Neck and TMJ, USA 1995-1998 -Certified in sport & Therapeutic massage, Chicago school of Massage therapy, USA 1997 -Certified, Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist, Dr. Vodder School, Austria 1995 -Moxa therapy -Cupping -Hot stone massage -Member, American board for Oriental Medicine and Acupuncturist -Many years of experience, both in USA and Dubai -Promoting health, wellness, and Oriental Chinese medicine through different media outlets and frequent Tv appearances, and interviews in UAE

Prof. Dr. Michael Zitzmann
Prof. Dr. Michael Zitzmann
Consultant Diabetes & Endocrinology

Professor Michael Zitzmann, born in 1964, is a high school teacher specialised the fields of endocrinology, diabetology, sexual medicine and andrology at the University Clinics of Muenster, Germany.

He is specialised in patient care regarding diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorders and problems of the pituitary gland. In addition, he is also focussing on endocrinological andrology: boys with pubertal disorders up to older men with a variety of sexual and metabolic problems seek his advice.

Also couples with fertility problems form a major part of the patient clientele, as well as men with chronic inherited hormone disorders requiring life-time attention, especially Klinefelter Syndrome.

Prof. Zitzmann has developed awarded treatment programs for the induction of fertility in hypogonadal men.

He is largely involved in the research of the interplay of genetic interplay of hormones, psychological characteristics and obesity.

He has received international awards and grants in recognition of his work and is a member of international committees, journal editorial boards and is on the Board of the German Society for Andrology and the German Adiposity Foundation.

He has been awarded for his teaching activities for both students and physicians within his field of expertise

Dr. Hexor G. Cruz
Dr. Hexor G. Cruz
Plastic Surgeon

Was born in the United States of America’s Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. He finished his Medical Degree at the University of Puerto Rico Medical School in 1977 and went on to receive his General Surgery training at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas under the supervision of world famous Cardiovascular Surgeon Dr. Michael E. DeBakey. He received his Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery training and education in the University of California, Irvine Medical Center in Orange, California under the supervision of pioneering Plastic Surgeon Dr. David W. Furnas. He went on to continue with Sub-specialty Fellowship
training in Microsurgery and Transplantation at the same institution in 1985. He was additionally taught by the extraordinarily artistic facial plastic surgery surgeon Dr. Bruce Connell and the American liposuction developer, Dr. Frederick M. Grazer. Following the completion of his formal education, he worked in the Los Angeles-Beverly Hills, California plastic surgery community for several years. He has over 30 years of surgical experience in the field of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Dr. M.Y. Raslan, MD, DC
Dr. M.Y. Raslan, MD, DC

Dr. M.Y. Raslan‘s currently works as a Chiropractor. He completed his medical degree in 1995 & he pursued Doctor of Chiropractor degree in 2005. Awarded Honor certificate from the University of Aden Medical School (Yemen).

He has membership in Emirates Chiropractic Association, East Mediterranean Middle East Chiropractic Federation, World Federation of Chiropractic, National Arab American Medical Association, Yemeni Association of Physicians & he was President of Emirates Chiropractic Association in 2012 – 2014.

He attented interviews in Dubai TV, MBC TV, AlArabia Tv, Rotana TV, Dubai eye Radio, Abu Dhabi Radio, Mote Carlo International Radio (France),Fujerah Radio.

His publications are 1. Participate in abstract ( MK886, A LEUKOTRIENE SYNTHESIS INHIBITOR, AUGMENTS ASBESTOS AND H202 INDUCED ALVEOLAR EPITHELIAL CELL APOPTOSIS), 2. Northwestern University ,School of Medicine Pulmonary Research Department. Chicago,U.S.A. & 3. Research project ( Epilepsy in Children ).University of Aden.Aden, Yemen.

He was speaker at The 5th Annual Meeting of the Society for Progress and Innovation for the Near East S.P.I.N.E. (Orthopedic and spine conference organized by Boston University School of Medicine) in June 27-30 , 2012 (Beirut, Lebanon).