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Al Biraa Clinic always go with Aesthetic Beauty Trends, Piercings are the most popular form of aesthetic beauty style modification and have been around for thousands of years. Body piercing is just what it sounds like — a piercing or puncture made in the body. After that, a piece of jewelry is inserted in the hole. Commonly pierced body parts are the ears, nose, and the belly button. Oral piercings include the lip, cheek, and tongue.

Al Biraa Clinic delicately do the Ear and Nose Piercing Job with advance medical/piercing equipments. We do the Ear and Nose Piercing Job in Dubai at an affordable price/cost that match our clients budget.

Al Biraa Clinic Ear Piercing & Nose Piercing Service

Al Biraa Clinics in the Dubai performed with extreme care and in utmost hygiene using Safe Piercing System. Al Biraa Clinic Dubai trained Medical professionals perform piercings using fully-enclosed capsules, which avoids the piercing jewelry from being exposed to potential contaminants prior to piercing.

Our Piercing Specialists deliver a safe, sterile, and easy experience, come up with your concern, Piercing Service | Ear Piercings | Nose Piercing.

Ear Piercing Service

Ear piercing can be safe and simple, but there are some important guidelines to follow when you get it done. If you know what to expect during the piercing and how to take care of your ear afterward, you’ll cut your chances of infection.

Ear Piercings | Ear lobe piercing Service

Ear piercings are the most well-known form of body modification on earth and have been around for thousands of years. Pretty much every female celebrity should be visible wearing earrings, whether in magazines, on the red carpet or out shopping; earrings are a trend suited for everyone.

What part of your ear can be pierced?

Practically any piece of your ear can be pierced these days, which makes the choices while getting your ears pierced a great deal more exciting.

Two distinct methods of being pierced, are through the lobe or the cartilage of the ear.

Pick Your Piercing Or improvise and have our Piercing Specialists assist you with choosing!

  • Basic Lobe  
  • Multi Lobe 
  • Single Lobe  
  • Cartilage  
  • Spider  
  • Trilogy  
  • Auricle  
  • Nose

Piercing Advice and Tips

  1. Pain, redness and swelling are not a normal result of ear piercing and can lead to infection. Should pain, redness or swelling appear any time more than 24 hours after the piercing, see your doctor immediately.
  2. Take additional consideration while taking off dress over the head or brushing hair,  so that earrings don’t get caught. Be careful when participating in sports or rough play.
  3. Avoid sleeping on your new piercing. When going to bed, always check to make sure the earring is secured. You can always use a travel pillow to suspend the ear in the middle of the hole while you sleep.
  4. Gently rotate your earrings three times each day subsequent to cleaning to forestall them sticking to the ear.
  5. Try not to eliminate or change the earring until the piercing has completely mended or you are encouraged to do as such, as this will result in infection or the piercing closing. Your piercer will give you approximate healing times – but everyone is different, and the healing time can vary depending upon age, health, diet and lifestyle.
  6. We suggest trying not to swim in chlorinated pool water or freshwater lakes during the healing process. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the experts.

Nose Piercing

The cartilaginous design that covers the nostril is the most widely recognized region for a nose piercing.

Other nose piercings are through the columella, a cartilaginous design that isolates the right and left sides of the nose.

Types of nose piercings

Nose piercing types depend on the part of the nose being pierced. Some of the most common types of nose piercings are:

  • Septum piercing
  • Nostril piercing
  • High nostril piercing
  • Vertical tip piercing
  • Bridge or surface piercing
  • Nasallang piercing
  • Septril piercing

Process of Nose Piercing

The process of nose piercing sometimes involves sensitive, internal skin and can be quite painful. Al Biraa Clinic provide or make sure to give you a high-quality piercer specialist who meets your standards. Here are the steps of a typical piercing journey:

  • A clean, safe place: Make sure to choose a piercing clinic that guarantees sterile methods. Anything that comes in contact with the nose should come out of a sealed bag and be disposable, meaning that it’s used only once and thrown away afterward.
  • Sterilization: The first thing the piercer should do is put on sterile gloves. After that, the piercer will sterilize the cartilage or the spot chosen for the piercing. This decreases the chances of an infection.
  • Marking: Next you’ll choose the spot to be pierced. We’d recommend giving this some thought in advance. Then the piercer will then mark the spot. Make sure the spot is exactly where you want it. This is the last chance to change your mind!
  • Piercing: The pierce do the piercing in the marked area carefully, Although everyone’s threshold for pain is different, there should only be little twinge when the needle pierces the nostril.

Repair of Enlarged /Ragged Ear Lobes

Like the the Ear piercing service, many of our customers asking for, Can treatment repair both stretched, split, and torn earlobes? We have only one answer, we do the aesthetic treatment in all aspects. Come up with any of your concern. Our experts can help you with the best treatment support.

Earlobe Repair-

Earlobe repair is a customizable treatment that can address various problems, including Sagging/Enlarged /Ragged Ear Lobes.

Al Biraa Clinic have a Customized Treatment Options for Torn Earlobes or Elongated Earring Holes Repair, so anyone can contact us for the concerns like stretched, split, and torn earlobes treatment as well.

Why Al Biraa Clinic is the Best for Ear and Nose Piercing

When it comes to ear and nose piercing, Al Biraa Clinic stands out as the premier choice. Our dedicated team of specialists ensures a safe, hygienic, and comfortable experience for all our clients. We use state-of-the-art equipment and follow the highest standards of sterilization, guaranteeing the best results and minimal discomfort. Trust in our expertise to provide you with precisely placed piercings that enhance your natural beauty. Discover why Al Biraa Clinic is the best for ear and nose piercing, and experience the exceptional care that has earned us a stellar reputation.

Ear and Nose Piercing Service Near You with a Dedicated Team of Specialists

Looking for an ear and nose piercing service near you? Al Biraa Clinic offers a convenient and professional piercing experience right in your neighborhood. Our dedicated team of specialists is trained to perform piercings with precision and care, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Whether you’re considering your first piercing or adding to your collection, we provide personalized consultations to meet your individual needs. Choose Al Biraa Clinic for a reliable and expert piercing service near you, and enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing you’re in the hands of true professionals.

FAQ –  Ear piercing and Nose piercing.

1. What is the minimum age for ear piercing?

Our ear piercing service is available for adults, and children over the age of 10 years. Children will need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 

2. How is the ear piercing done?

Before the procedure, we will take you through the relevant forms that need to be signed. Once this is done, the ear piercing specialist will then clean and mark your earhole. When the piercing is complete, the specialist will take you through the aftercare.

3. How Does Ear Piercing Work?

Depending on where you go for your piercing, and the part of your ear that you choose, a professional with a needle or piercing gun marks a spot and creates a hole. The piercer then places an earring in the hole.

4. Does it hurt to get your ear pierced?

I’m going to give you the annoying answer, which is that it depends on the person. Something that your friend might find very painful, might feel like nothing to you. You should always expect a little bit of discomfort or a pinch at least, but it is perfectly normal and is over in a flash.

5. How long does it take for an ear piercing to heal?

This completely depends on the type of ear piercing you get:

Lobe piercings can take between 4-6 weeks to heal.

Upper and inner cartilage piercings take between 3-6 months to heal.

6. Will You Bleed?

Possibly. A little bleeding is normal.

7. Do Nose Piercings Hurt?

Yes it does, although how much depends entirely upon your pain threshold, of course. The plus is that, like most body piercings, the process is over fairly quickly. But still, a bar of metal is being pressed through your nose so a sharp pain (and maybe some eye watering) is to be expected.

8. What Do I Do About A Bump On My Nose Piercing?

Nose piercing bumps are non-permanent scar tissues that occur, often when you catch the nose piercing on things by mistake. The tissue is disrupted and a lump appears. As soon as it does, start cleaning the piercing with saltwater solution until it disappears. It shouldn’t leave a scar once it’s healed, but if it’s there for longer than a month, it’s worth visiting a doctor in case it’s infected.

9. Do Nose Piercings Get Infected Easily?

First off, the signs of infection are redness, swelling, pain, discharge from the piercing site and bumps. If you have these symptoms, bathe your piercing in a saltwater solution several times a day and, if they don’t improve or get worse, book an appointment with your GP. Also, avoid wearing make-up on your nose as this may further irritate the piercing.

Ear Piercing & Nose Piercing Consultation at Al Biraa Clinic

Al Biraa Clinic Dubai Always Go With Aesthetic Beauty Trends, before piercings job, we will do the needful medical examination and give a detailed procedure support to reduce the pain and get more clarity about our piercing service.

Our piercing specialists deliver a painless, safe, sterile, and easy experience, come up with your Piercing concern like Ear Piercings, Ear lobe piercing, Nose Piercing. Book your appointment with our piercing specialist and go with the best Aesthetic Beauty Trends in Dubai. If you have any queries please contact our specialist, we always ready to serve you the best.

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