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Al Biraa Clinic Dubai, do delicately the Gold Mask Facial and other Beauty and Cosmetic Care Treatment since 2010. Women find gold irresistible and that is the ultimate truth! Be it for her jewellery or for her facials, gold is an indispensible part of her life.

Gold facial is famous as a beauty treatment and the explanations behind the equivalent are not too far to even consider looking for! Considering what gold facials are about? Your pursuit reaches a conclusion here. Go through our best Gold facial skin care procedure, its significant and far reaching thought regarding the gold facial treatment, which has won the hearts of millions of women.

What is gold facial and what are the benefits?

Gold facial is a facial treatment that available at Al Biraa Clinic, will give you a best outcome at a best cost. We always go with clients joy and satisfaction.Gold facial incorporates the use of 24­carat gold foil veil which thus, assists your skin with receiving various rewards. The main ten advantages of gold facial are:

  1. A gold facial session initiates the course of cell renewal and restores your skin.
  2. It brings about a significant reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.
  3. It has anti­aging properties and makes your skin look energetic and youthful.
  4. It is helpful in elimination of toxins and combating damages made by the sun.
  5. It provides your skin with oxygen and reduces the tired appearance.
  6. It lights up the skin and your face looks dull no more.
  7. It prevent flaws and acnes since it is known to have anti­bacterial properties.
  8. It guarantees that skin flexibility is kept up with.
  9. Gold facial improves circulation of blood.
  10. It suits dry and sleek skin alike.

Gold facial types and list of ingredients

Gold facial is a type in itself and you won’t get to try out a variety of gold facials. Al Biraa Clinic have specialised and customised gold facials include: 

24 carat gold collagen facial

24 carat gold leaf facial 

How Al Biraa Clinic do gold facial?

Ideally, you should take an appointment with our specialist, we do the gold facial at Al Biraa Clinic Dubai, under expert care only. 

We follow the given procedure: 

  1. Cleanse: Clean your face with the gold facial cleanser that is available in your kit.
  2. Exfoliate: Scrub your face gently with gentle upward motions with the gold facial scrub.
  3. Massage: Use the gold massage cream or gel that comes with the kit. Let your skin absorb the goodness as your rub the cream into the layers of your skin.
  4. Application of mask: Apply the gold mask on your skin and wait for it to dry. Remove the mask softly in due course.
  5. Moisturize: Apply cold compress and follow up with the gold facial moisturizer to end your DIY gold facial session.

Al Biraa Clinic Gold Facial Aftercare Tips

1.Try not to put on cosmetics or other facial items for no less than 6 hours after your treatment.

2. Try not to pick at your skin or utilize rough skincare items like scrubs for somewhere around 72 hours after your treatment.

3. Avoid direct intensity for as long as 48 hours after your treatment.

4. Just go for one facial or skincare treatment in turn, dont try different at same course period.

5. Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol for as long as 72 hours after your treatment.

Does Al Biraa Clinic gold facial premises session sound interesting? The best part is that this facial is deemed to be completely safe on your skin. When do you plan to treat your skin with gold facial to get flawlessly youthful and glowing skin.

Skincare doesn’t just stop at a facial – it continues even after you have had one, and aftercare certainly helps in prolonging the benefits of your facial for your skin. 

Book your appointment with Al Biraa Clinic Skin Specialist to get a medical examination and further Gold Facial details support.

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