Mesotherapy Treatment

There are so many effective treatments available in Dubai to treat different body or face skin issues. Nowadays Mesotherapy is one of the best popular treatments in Dubai. If you are suffering from thin hair problem, cellulite or dull skin issues, or getting dull skin because of growing age, Mesotherapy is the best treatment for such skin issues. Mesotherapy improves skin texture , reduces Skin Acne, Skin Pigmentation and improves hair growth as well. Practitioner uses different Serums In Mesotherapy Treatment techniques.

To achieve optimum results, vitamins are placed directly into the skin by a series of micro injections or derma roller.

Mesotherapy Treatment Goals

Following are the few points for understanding the Mesotherapy Treatment goals:

  • To get best solutions of different skin conditions
  • To keep the skin fresh and harmless
  • To improve patients face appearance

Right candidate criteria

Whoever is facing following skin issues and wants to get rid of these issues:

  • Wrinkles & Fine Lines
  • Skin Volume Loss
  • Stretch marks on Skin
  • Hair thinning issues
  • Skin Tone and Elasticity issue
  • Dull Skin problem

Instructions before Mesotherapy Treatment

  • Avoid Sun direct Exposure before going through the Mesotherapy treatment
  • Before going for the treatment Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid any caffeinated drinks
  • Take a sound night sleep one day before Mesotherapy Treatment

Mesotherapy Treatment Procedure

Mesotherapy Treatment procedure is very effective for different skin conditions, this is no surgical treatment so it doesn’t take too much time.

  • Before starting Mesotherapy treatment Practitioner applies a numbing cream on the treatment skin area
  • Then practitioner injects the cocktail medicine into the treatment skin area with the help of a small syringe
  • If patient feels any discomfort then practitioner applies a cooling gel on the treatment skin area.

Instructions after Mesotherapy Treatment

Once Practitioner finishes the Mesotherapy Treatment procedure then he/she provides some after treatment cares to the patients, but still following are some general Mesotherapy Treatment after cares

  • Patient has to avoid messaging or rubbing the treated skin area after going through Mesotherapy Treatment
  • Avoid direct sun exposure
  • For avoiding sun damage apply sunblock before going out prescribed by your doctor
  • Avoid using any skincare cream or gel after treatment at least for 2 to 3 days
  • Don’t take hot bath after going through the Mesotherapy Treatment for at least 1 or 2 days

Mesotherapy Treatment Benefits

Besides Mesotherapy Treatment has lots of benefits because of which this treatment has got a significant importance in cosmetology industry such as skin rejuvenation, improvements in skin complexion and radiance, enhancements in skin firmness and elasticity, effective for face skin acne scars.

Mesotherapy treatment helps in treating sun damaged or aging skin on neck , face and décolleté. Patients are facing uneven skin tone and skin sagging problems can get rid of these problem by Mesotherapy Treatment. It is safe, natural alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures, mesotherapy can be used to treat sun damaged or ageing skin on the face, neck and décolleté, as well as skin tone and tighten sagging skin on other parts of the body.

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