Laser Birthmarks Removal Treatment

Skin texture and appearance get effected by Aging and other environmental damages. There are some patches and marks that appear on the skin by birth, thee patches and marks are known as birthmarks. But medically not mandatory to remove or treat some birthmarks until unless you have a very weird birthmark because of which you feel less confident. Some of these birthmarks get faded by their own with the passage of time, but others will required treatments such as

  • Laser Therapy
  • Surgery
  • Certain Medicine

For birthmarks there are so many popular treatment options are available in Dubai.

Candidate Criteria for Laser Birthmarks Removal Treatment

For medical reasons doctors recommend to be removed certain moles or raised birthmarks. But birthmarks removal surgery leaves a scar on skin. Most of the birthmarks can be completely removed. Anyone with birthmarks can be a good candidate for birthmarks removal treatment but still doctors takes the decision after knowing about candidate’s medical history and most importantly based on type of birthmarks.

Following are some common birthmarks

  • Melanocytic: Congenital Melanocytic nevi and cafe au lait spots
  • Nonmelanocytic: Nevus sebaceous and epidermal nevi
  • Vascular Birthmarks: Hemangioma of infancy, port wine stain and nevus simplex

Birthmarks Symptoms

  • Coloration if the symptoms of Pigmented Birthmarks. Pigmented Birthmarks don’t have any other symptoms
  • Leaving behind a not noticeable scar some birthmarks ulcerate and slowly disappear at their own. Moreover different types of birthmarks show different symptoms.

What causes birthmarks?

  • Because of Extra pigmentation of the skin Most of the children get the birthmarks
  • Abnormalities in Blood Vessels become the cause of birthmarks in many Children
  • Neurofibromatosis are genetic disorders in some people that become the reason of birthmarks.

Pre Treatment Procedure for Laser Birthmarks removal Treatment:

Follow are the pre treatment instructions for Laser Birthmarks removal treatment in Dubai

  • Don’t expose Birthmarks treatment skin area to direct sunlight at least 2 to 3 weeks before the treatment
  • Doctor should completely know about your medical history before to start the birthmarks removal treatment
  • Inform doctor if you are taking any medicines from 5 to 6 months
  • Before going through the Laser birthmarks removal treatment Have a sound night sleep
  • Before going through the laser hair removal treatment kindly Shower and clip or shave hair if any hair at the Birthmarks removal area treatment site
  • For birthmarks visibility please Choose an appropriate, loose fitted dress
  • Apply the numbing cream prescribed by your doctor at least 45-60 minutes before procedure

Laser Birthmarks Removal Treatment procedure

Laser Birthmarks removal treatment in Dubai is one of the most effective and popular treatments, there are so many other treatments for birthmarks removal such as Injections, Topical Medicines and Surgical Procedures etc

Laser treatment for birthmarks Removal:

  • before the treatment Surgeon applies Topical anesthesia or numbing cream to the Birthmarks removal treatment site.
  • A beam of the laser is made incident at the birthmark.
  • Then Surgeon without damaging the outer skin layers penetrates laser beams into the mark underneath the skin.
  • A special type of Laser Photo Rejuvenation is used For removing the Birthmarks.
  • It uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to break down the pigment, which is then excreted out by the body’s immune system.
  • This is how pigmented birthmark is removed.
  • For flat pigmented birthmarks removal Surgeon uses Light Therapy 

You Should Know about the Laser Birthmarks removal treatment

Following are the points which someone must know before going through the Laser Birthmarks Removal treatment.

  • Treatment Duration
    • Treatment duration bases on the type of birthmarks. However main time consuming factor is to diagnosis of the birthmarks then surgery planing depends on the result of such diagnosis.
  • Patient’s Recovery Time
    • The recovery time bases on the type of treatment that Surgeon decides and It also depends on patient’s immunity.
  • Anesthesia
    • Laser treatments generally require sedatives or topical anesthesia. Surgical excision might require general anesthesia depending on the sensitivity of the patients to pain.
  • Stay in Hospital
    • Depending on the type of surgery, Surgeons might ask the patients to stay in the hospital.
  • Number of sessions: It depends on the birthmarks texture, size and depth may be only one session of laser birthmarks removal therapy can give the results but sometime, more sessions are required for complete removal and with every session birthmark fades out

Post-procedural care:

  • After going through the Laser Birthmarks removal treatment, when going out during daytime, Apply sunscreen prescribed by your Doctor to protect treated area
  • Apply prescribed antibiotic ointment on the treated skin area
  • Scab and crust formation is normal. Avoid picking at the scab
  • Avoid exposing treatment skin area to direct sunlight for at least a couple of months
  • Abstain from applying makeup or any other cosmetic product that may irritate treated area after Laser Birthmarks Removal Treatment

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