Smoker's Lips treatment in Dubai
Smoker's Lips treatment in Dubai
Smoker's Lips treatment in Dubai
Smoker's Lips treatment in Dubai
Smoker's Lips treatment in Dubai
Smoker's Lips treatment in Dubai

Smoking is one of the most common addictions around the world despite the fact that smoking is injurious to health. Smoking does not only hurt your internal body organs but it also affects your external beauty as well. Smoking gradually takes away the moisture of your skin, particularly your lips. Due to smoking, your lips become dry and dehydrated, in result of that your lips lose their original color. While those dry and dehydrated lips also cause fine lines, which can become a very tough customer to deal with. But with the help of Smoker’s lips treatment in Dubai, you can now get rid of this issue.

Causes of Smokers Lips

Some of the main causes of Smokers lips are as follows:

  • The Heat from Cigarettes: The heat of cigarettes can be very harmful and can directly hurt your lips. It usually stimulates the production of melanin in your lips, which darkens your lips.
  • Ruptured Capillaries: The beautiful red color appearance of our lips is due to the existence of minute capillaries under our lips. Excessive smoking can damage or rupture those capillaries which can make your lips appear darker in color.
  • Tar and Tobacco: The presence of Tar and Tobacco in cigarette can cause yellowish stains on your teeth and lips.
  • Oxygen Loss: Cigarette contains carbon monoxide, which reduces the oxygen supply to our lungs. Because of this, we get poorly oxygenated blood which makes the appearance of our lips black.

Who is the ideal candidate?

All the available Smoker’s lips treatments in Dubai are useful in the Smoker’s lips issue. But, still you need to consult a specialist doctor before opting for any Smoker’s lips treatment in Dubai.

Pre-Procedure Instructions

According to the treatment you opt for, you will get pre-procedure instructions according to that particular treatment. Usually, usage of any chemical on skin should be avoided at least 3 days before taking any of the Smoker’s lips treatment in Dubai. While, you need to stop taking any skin related medicines one week before getting laser and skin peeling treatment.

Treatment Techniques

It is certain that a person cannot quit smoking overnight, particularly it is very hard for chain-smokers. Although, there is no hurry, you can take your time. But, you need to reduce the quantity of nicotine you consume everyday by decreasing the number of cigarettes you smoke each day to half. There are many effective treatments that are available for Smoker’s lips in Dubai. They are not time consuming, each session takes upto 40-60 minutes. While, the downtime is just couple of days after getting Smoker’s lips treatment in Dubai.

Here are the few very effective Smoker’s lips treatments in Dubai:


This is a very effective home remedy for Smoker’s lips. You can make a DIY exfoliator at your home and treat your lips carefully. Mix small amount of coconut oil, almond oil and coarse salt or sugar (if you do not have coarse salt) to make a DIY exfoliator at home.

Lip Mask

You can buy any lip mask containing lime juice, turmeric and lemon as its ingredients for the treatment of smoker’s lips. You will need to mix that lips mask with any oil which contains Vitamins A and E. Apply the mixture on your lips everyday for 15 minutes and see how the dark pigment vanish from your lips.

Chemical Peels

As we know unlike other skin, lips are quite sensitive. So, a gentle acid peel is used to treat your darker lips. Mandelic peels which have a gentle kind of alpha hydroxyl acid is used which can reduce the darkness of your lips.

Collagen Lip-Injection

Collagen lip-injection is a non-surgical and one of the most trusted and useful dark lips treatments in Dubai. It is vital in treating the acne scars and wrinkles on the lips. While, it can also provide pout effects to the lips. The collagen which is used in this Smoker’s lips treatment in Dubai is obtained from the connective tissues of cow.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is the most latest and effective Smoker’s lips treatment in Dubai. Laser therapy is effective in treating numerous skin problems, including Smoker’s lips. Unlike, other smoker’s lips treatments, it is not a DIY treatment which can be performed at home. You need to consult a dermatologist in order to get Laser therapy. Laser therapy is performed by the usage of intense pulses of light targeting deep into your skin. It brings out the natural color of your skin by eradicating excessive melanocytes. While, it also removes fine lines and wrinkles by motivating collagen production.

After care Instructions

The skin of lips is very sensitive. After getting Laser therapy, lip injections and acid peels, it will become hot and you will redness on your lips and its surroundings. In order to get rid of it, your doctor will give you a gel or an ointment. While, using anti-histamine is also beneficial in this condition.

After 1-3 days

The effects of redness will fade away from your lips after 1-3 days. But, you can feel dehydrated lips even after that. Although, it doesn’t cause any harm to your skin. While, you can use any lip moisturiser to make your lips hydrated. Consuming more fluids is also a wise thing to treat this condition.

Follow-up treatment

You will need multiple treatments in order to get rid of the darkness from your lips and bring back the original color. Your doctor will decide the number of sessions that are required according to your case.


Results of smoker’s lips treatment in Dubai vary from treatment to treatment. Few treatments can provide short term and few can provide long term effects. Treatments like Laser Therapy and lip-injections can give long term solution of smoker’s lips treatment in Dubai. Each treatment provides you effective and incredible results.


The smoker’s lips treatment in Dubai brings back your lips original color and eradicate the darkness from your lips. Other than that, it also provides following benefits:


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