> Thread Lift Treatment Dubai | Makes your skin look younger
Thread Lift treatment Dubai
Thread Lift treatment Dubai
Thread Lift treatment Dubai
Thread Lift treatment Dubai

Tread Lift Treatment Dubai

Why Choose Thread Lift Treatment

  • Instant natural looking boosting results
  • Cumulative remodeling of lost collagen
  • Completely Re-absorbable element half an hour process

No cutting

Long-term results remain up to an year
Thread Lift is a Perfect treatment for neck area, jaw line, mid face or eyebrows that may be treated differently or collectively at one time.

Thread Lift Treatment Process

The process hardly takes up to half an hour and you’ll be able to get back to your normal life with just little downtime. Thread-Lift treatment Dubai is designed to be tailored according to your requirements and desired and can be taken with other aesthetic treatments.

Which area can be treated?

Thread lift treatment Dubai is a rare treatment which can provide you long-term results which are ideal for different parts such as:-

  • Jaw line
  • Cheeks and mid face area
  • Eyebrow
  • Neck
  • Contours of the face

Are Thread Lifts Painful?

Although the procedure of Thread lifts is littlest inclusive but the process includes the piercing of tiny needles into your skin. While, in order to provide you painless treatment, surgeons generally put topical anaesthesia on the area of treatment before starting the treatment. The doctors are making this treatment nearly pain-free.

Are Thread Lifts Worth it?

Thread lifts are littlest inclusive substitute to a facelift. While the effects of Thread lifts which are performed by the use of sutures are incredible. Thread Lifts have an ability to entirely altering your drooping skin back to its compact form. In the same way, your chin and jawline and the jowls can be brought near the bones again, which enhances your beauty and makes you look younger. You can certainly achieve these wonderful results by getting Thread Lifts treatment in Dubai from Albiraa Clinic.

What is a Thread Lift?

Thread lift is a littlest inclusive process which is approved by FDA. It is an ideal treatment for those people who are fed up of their sagging skin. This treatment is performed by using medical-grade threads which heaves your skin in order to make it firm and tightened.

How does it work?

Thread lift treatment is manufactured in the USA. Up till now, more than 130,000 people have been treated by this remarkable treatment globally. In this treatment, in order to reinstate the smoother skin, a double-action effect is employed. It also provides your face contoured appearance. The reason behind is, your skin gets boosted and your tissues get squeezed when sutures are penetrated. When the sutures are inserted into the skin, the doctor then puts gentle pressure on the part of the skin which is being treated.

What are the Advantages of a Thread Lift Procedure?

Yielding exceptional outcome such as facelift isn’t the only reason to get Thread Lifts in Dubai. There are numerous other advantages of Thread lifts in Dubai. Which are following:-

  • Enhances the production of collagen
  • Makes your skin look younger
  • Tightened skin
  • Gets rid of Wrinkles

How Long Does Thread Lift Take to Work?

Thread lift is not a time consuming treatment, the entire process can be completed within 45 minutes. While, the Thread lifts in Dubai provides almost sudden effects.

What Should You Ask the Surgeon?

Like any other medical treatment, some issues can happen in the course of Thread lift treatment in Dubai. So in order to avoid any mishaps, you ought to discuss all the matters with your doctor without any hesitation. Some of the important matters that you should discuss are:

Are thread lifts secure


  • Will I be anaesthetize during the treatment?
  • Do you think if I’m an ideal candidate for Thread Lifts?
  • How much time this process will consume and will I be able to continue my social activities immediately after getting it?
  • Do your qualifications enables you to perform Thread Lift treatment?
  • Is your Clinic approved by Health Department?
  • Are there any possible risks which are related to thread lift treatment?
  • Does your clinic has an association with any hospital in case of any treatment related issue?

How Long will a Thread Lift Last?

The usual life span of Thread lift treatment is almost up to three years, without any follow up treatment. While if you take follow-up treatments every three months, then the effects of Thread lifts treatment can be prolonged.



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