By albiraa / February 12, 2020

PRP (platelet rich plasma)

I got a head pricks for my Thinning hair & this is what happened My hair started falling out in my early...

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By albiraa / January 27, 2020

Why laser dominates the hair removal sector!

“Does laser hair removal hurt?” It’s the most common question comes to mind. Pain is a very subjective feeling vary...

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By albiraa / December 14, 2019

Glass Skin Facial

It is super bouncy, hyd rated, dewy and glass like skin treatment that consists Deep cleaning of face using a...

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By Dr. Nadjia Guergour / November 26, 2019

Hair loss: see a doctor first

Hair loss can be due to heredity, physiologic or pathologic hormonal changes, scalp or general diseases, medication. Hair loss can...

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By Dr. Hexor G. Cruz MD / November 23, 2019

Lips Enhancement – Part 2

The use of lip plumper glosses is a very safe, quick, economic and painless way of enhancing the lips especially...

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By Dr. Hexor G. Cruz MD / November 22, 2019

Lips Enhancement – Part 1

The purpose of lips enhancement is ultimately increase the sexiness and reproductive appeal of the persons undergoing the procedure. Plastic...

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