Freckles and Blemishes in Dubai
Freckles & Blemishes in Dubai
Freckles & Blemishes in Dubai
Freckles and Blemishes in Dubai
Freckles & Blemishes in Dubai
Freckles & Blemishes in Dubai

Freckles and Blemishes

Among all the pigmentation problems that make someone suffer, Freckles and Blemishes are the most common skin problem. There’s no specific age for Freckles and Blemishes to appear on your skin, people from all the ages can face Freckles and Blemishes skin problem. The reason why Freckles and Blemishes occur on skin, is due to the over-production of melanin, which provides the skin its own color. Although, any part of your body can get them but the usual exposed areas of your skin are more prone to getting Freckles and Blemishes. Freckles and blemishes do not have any drastic symptoms over your body, it is only a cosmetic concern. With the passage of time, few people start considering Freckles and blemishes as the part of their skin, while other find it discomforting. 

Symtoms for Freckles and Blemishes

There are many ways of dealing with Freckles and Blemishes but first of all, we need to understand the symptoms of Freckles and Blemishes. They are also named as age spots, freckles and blemishes appear on your skin due to asymmetrical skin pigmentation that can be seen as round, flat and brown color spots of different size on your skin. Some of the common symptoms include: 

  • Change in your texture 
  • Change in your skin tone
  • Brown spots of different sizes visible on your skin

Causes of Freckles and Blemishes

Freckles and Blemishes are generally considered as a genetically inherited problem but there are many other factors that can contribute in the appearance of Freckles and Blemishes. Few common causes are:

  • Immoderate exposure to the sun 
  • Hormonal swings 
  • Overly fair complexion 
  • Overproduction of Melanin 
  • Allergies of skin, acne problem. 

Risk Factors of Freckles and Blemishes: 

Usually, people get Freckles and Blemishes due to genetic inheritance, but in other cases there are some factors that should be avoided in order to prevent yourself from getting Freckles and Blemishes. They are: 

  • Unhealthy diet
  • Excessive dryness of the skin 
  • Ultraviolet Sun rays
  • Cruel weather 
  • Deficiencies of nutritions 

How can I know if I have Freckles and blemishes

Freckles and Blemishes usually have uncanny occurrence on your skin – which can be determined easily. Flat-round brownish spots that are visible in the summers and get vanished by themselves during winters. Although, the better idea is to consult to your dermatologist to clarify whether you are having Freckles and Blemishes or Melasma. If you are planning to get a proper attention to your Freckles and Blemishes in Dubai or from anywhere in UAE, you should definitely consider our services for proper guidance and treatment. 

Available Treatment Options for Freckles and Blemishes

There are many treatments available of Freckles and Blemishes in Dubai. We’ll mention them with slight details. 

Topical Creams

Moderate Freckles and Blemishes are usually treated by good topical creams, specially if they are appeared after excessive sun exposure. There are so many topical products, such as creams and serums, that provide effective results in getting rid of Topicals and Blemishes in Dubai. They work by lightening your complexion and making your skin tone even and regular. Creams usually control the production of melanin. However, there are few chemicals that are present in these creams, which have bad effects over your skin. The best possible option is to consult your dermatologist in order to get a cream prescribed which suits your skin type. 

Chemical Peels 

Chemical peeling, is a chemical process which includes the eradication of upper layers of skin  with the use of a chemical solution. Doctor will put a chemical solution on your skin which contains lactic acid, glycolic acid and salicylic acid. The new skin layer has a very less appearance of Freckles and Blemishes. 

This treatment needs to be repeated many times in order to bring the desirable results. Each session is done after the space of few weeks and it can provide very good results.

IPL Treatment

IPL or Intense Pulse therapy is the treatment which can provide incredible results in getting rid of Freckles and Blemishes in Dubai. The usage of broad spectrum light with a particular wavelength helps in breaking down pigmentation buildups in the skin. The light is used in a way that it does not hurt any other area of the skin.



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