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Nowadays everywhere in World hair fall has become the most frustrated and stressful issue, earlier people were facing hair fall issue by after reaching a certain age, but unfortunately now many young men and women are also facing hair fall problem, most of us are facing some common problems such as hair thins, falls or simply loses quality.

From the 1970s to 1990s, almost 33% men and 6-7% women were facing hair fall issue. Moreover, 70 to 75% people were visiting different hair fall hospitals and clinics for hair loss treatments, all over the world their ages were between 40 and 60. But now if we talk about the present time. So percentage numbers stand at almost 65 to 70% for men and 35 to 40% for women, with almost 80% of clients aged between 20 and 40 who are looking for hair loss solutions or some kind of hair fall treatment.

Reasons for Hair Fall or Loosing Hair

Hair Thinning problem is common in women, it happens because of Genetics Problem, Medications , hormonal problems etc, but whatever is the reason but one thing is very clear that hair fall can often affect our self confidence.

Until now, there were very limited treatment procedures like, Topical Applications, Water Filters or extreme measures such as hair transplants. These past hair fall treatment procedures were highly painful, invasive and time taking.

Technology we use at Al Biraa Clinic

Our highly experienced and thoroughly well trained and professional Hair Loss Consultants are available for free consultation, they examine all aspects of your hair and scalp condition thereafter, recommend you the most suitable hair fall treatment procedure in Dubai or combination of multiple hair fall treatment procedures matching your age, face, personality, and expectations to give you the best hair regrowth results. We at Al Biraa Clinic Dubai use following hair fall/loss treatment procedures:

By following these hair fall treatment procedures it is now possible to bring new long lasting strength, Impart volume, a glossy shine and overall improved hair. Thankfully these hair fall treatment procedures are minimal invasive and painful, these hair fall treatment procedures reduce hair loss, rejuvenate the scalp and regenerate hair. These treatments also combat frizziness, brittleness and hair fall that happens for different reasons.

Who is right candidate for hair fall/loss treatment

  • Men and women who are looking for stronger, healthier hair and to protect hair thinning with age before it occurs.
  • Men and women who are suffering from general hair thinning and want to prevent further hair loss.
  • Men and women with damaged hair from braiding, hair treatments and hair dyes.
  • Men and women suffering from alopecia due to multiple reasons

General Hair Fall Treatment procedures in Dubai ?

Your Doctor will decide the concern area of treatment and then will discuss a solution and treatment procedures with you. Your treatment will depend on the severity, size of the area, and cause of the hair loss.

Doctor If necessary, applies Tropical Anaesthetic to the concern area. Although these procedure is not painful, some minor discomfort may be felt during the treatment procedures.

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