Laser Dark Circle Treatment

The problem of dark circles is not a very unique thing, most people usually have them under their eyes due to many different reasons. Although they are common, but still people don’t like them. Dark circles make your face look dull, stale and tired. If you are also considering to eliminate these dark circles from your face then here’s a good news for you, Al Biraa Clinic has introduced some very exceptional dark circles removal treatments in Dubai. You can now get rid of dark circles easily while using these treatments and make your face look fresher and better. 

Causes of Dark Circles

When we talk about dark circles treatment, first of all we need to discuss the causes of the appearance of dark cirlces under your eyes. There are so many reasons which can cause dark circles like any allergies, dehydration and genetics. 

While here are some of the common causes of appearance of Dark circles under your eyes:

  • Allergy of skin 
  • Environmental pollution 
  • Hyperpigmentation due to sun damage as well as Melasma 
  • Nasal blockage
  • Reduction of volume of cheeks 
  • Volume loss from under-eye 
  • Lower Eyelid floppiness 
  • Appearance of blood vessels under the eyes due to thinning of skin

Pre-Treatment Care for Laser Dark Circle Treatment

In order to get Laser Dark Circles treatment , you need to make sure you follow all the pre-treatment cares. Here are some of the general pre-treatment instructions 

  • Do not expose your skin directly to the sun and use of sunscreen is very useful a week before getting Dark Circles Treatment in Dubai
  • Stay hydrated, drink excessive water.
  • Try to stay away from all the facials or any other skincare treatments for at least a month before getting Dark Circles treatment in Dubai 

Laser Dark Circle Treatment Options:

There are multiple options of Dark Circles Treatment, but some of the best among them are as follows:

  • Topical Eye Creams and Serums 
  • Chemical Peels 
  • Injectable Dermal Fillers
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing 
  • Mesotherapy 
  • Topical Eye Cream 

The appearance of dark circles under the eyes due to the sun damage and Melasma can easily be treated by topical bleaches agent. 

There are numerous creams which contain Kojic Acid, Vitamin K and C, green tea and licorice which are usually suggested by the Doctors as Dark Circles treatment in Dubai. While, they are a temporary solution of dark circles, for the time being they mask your skin pigmentation. 

Chemical Peels For Dark Circle Treatment

Chemical peeling is a very effective treatment of any darkness appeared on your face, whether on cheeks, chin and under eyes. Chemical peeling is very useful in get rid of those dark circles that are caused by hyperpigmentation. This dark circles treatment in Dubai not only just eliminates the dark circles but also improves the collagen production. Usually, Glycolic acid and Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) chemical peels are used in getting rid of dark circles. 

Dermal Fillers For Dark Circle Treatment

This Dark circles treatment in Dubai is a very beneficial treatment for those kind of dark circles which are caused by facial volume loss. Your doctor treats your dark circles which occur under your eyes due to facial volume loss and under eye volume loss with the use of soft gel-like substances. In this Dark circles treatment in Dubai generally Hyaluronic Acid fillers are used. This is also not a permanent treatment, as it only lasts few months. 

Laser Skin Resurfacing For Dark Circle Treatment

With the age, your skin loses it’s firmness. The blood vessels under your eyes become very visible in dark purple and blue color. In that particular situation, the doctors suggest Intense pulse light therapy as a dark circle treatment in Dubai. This dark circle treatment doesn’t only help in pigmentations related problems, but it also improves your skin texture and tone. While, on the contrary, few doctors also recommend you Laser Dark Circles Treatment in Dubai. This Dark circles treatment in Dubai eliminates the dark circle from your skin by rejuvenating the collagen production of your skin. This Dark Circles treatment in Dubai enhances the collagen production which gets rid of dark circles. 

Mesotherapy For Dark Circle Treatment

Mesotherapy is the most effective and result-yielding dark circles treatment in Dubai. The aesthetic dermatologist performs this treatment by injecting a chemical cocktail which contains many pharmaceutical products, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are useful in getting rid of Dark circles. The blend of these useful substances helps you get rid of dark circles as well as eye bags. Although, you need few sessions of Mesotherapy to get the best results out of this dark circles treatment in Dubai. 

After Treatment Care Dark Circle

It is very important to follow all the post-treatment instructions given by your doctor after Dark circles treatment in Dubai. Although, there’s no such need of any bed rest, you can start your social activities just after the day of treatment. But, all the post-treatment cares are very necessary to follow. 

  • Do not expose your skin directly to the sun, avoid going into sun for few days.
  • Drink as much water as you can, it activates the natural healing process of your body. 
  • Use sunscreen of SPF 50 at least or above in case of going under the sun. 
  • The cold compressions will help you get rid of any swelling and redness under the eyes
  • Use all the prescribed topical creams

Before and After Results:

The dark circles treatment in Dubai provides immediate results. You will see a clear difference in dark circles after your first session of dark circles treatment in Dubai. After 4 to 6 sessions of dark circles treatment in Dubai, you will not see any sign of dark circles under your eyes.

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