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Al Biraa Clinic give a special care for the people who ever facing the Underarm Excessive Sweating problem. Hyperhidrosis of under arms, palms and soles is a so embarrassing problem especially for people how live in hot climate like UAE,Saudi Arabia or any GCC country. In this condition, excessive sweating occurs even when the temperature is not hot and you are not exercising. At some times, the sweat literally drips off the hands of the patient.

Al Biraa Clinic can treat this issue effectively with laser treatment or botox injections . The patient can rehash it two times yearly for obtain an improved outcome.

Axillary Hyperhidrosis

Underarm excessive sweating, additionally called axillary hyperhidrosis, is a wild, irritating, humiliating, and confining issue. From the uneasiness of sweat running down your sides to the shame of clear sweat stains, to the apprehension about being “found,” wild underarm sweating can feel like it’s demolishing your life.

An aesthetic dermatologist might utilize at least one of the accompanying careful strategies to eliminate sweat organs from the underarms:

  • Liposuction
  • Curettage
  • Laser Treatment
  • Botox Injection
  • Excision

Treat Underarm Sweating – At Al Biraa Clinic Dubai

Al Biraa Clinic Dubai, provides best cost effective and safe treatments for excessive sweating are available, the treatments work, and you have a number of options to choose from-or combine.

Laser Underarm Excessive Sweating Treatment

Laser light is used to permanently destroy axillary sweat glands by Laser heating, sweat gland tissue without damaging the surrounding tissue. The procedure is performed under local anesthetic and is finished in less than an hour.

Laser Hyperhidrosis Treatment has become the one of the most poplar treatments in Dubai it helps in getting rid of overactive sweat glands, patients will notice immediate relief from excessive sweating. However, normally, it takes a couple of weeks for showing the final noticeable results.

Some common benefits of Laser Hyperhidrosis Treatment include the following:

  • The procedure is minimal invasive.
  • It helps in getting almost permanent results.
  • The procedure doesn’t have any severe side effects.
  • It does not require any downtime.
  • Recovery from the Laser Hyperhidrosis Treatment procedure is relatively fast.

Botox Injection Underarm Sweating Treatment

An experienced medical professional can inject Botox into your underarms to dramatically reduce sweating.

Laser and Botox for the treatment of hyperhidrosis is most effective when performed by a healthcare professional who has received special training and who has experience with the procedure. The same Underarm Excessive/Over Sweating treatment is also very helpful for those who face the Body odor as well.

What is Body Odor?

Body odor is brought about by a mix of bacteria and sweat on your skin. Your body odor can change because of chemicals, the food you eat, contamination, drugs or basic circumstances like diabetes. Original effectiveness antiperspirants or medications may help.

Sweat itself doesn’t smell, however when the bacteria on your skin mix with your sweat, it causes an odor. Body odor can smell sweet, harsh, tart or like onions. The sum you sweat doesn’t be guaranteed to influence your body odor. That is the reason an individual can have an undesirable body odor yet not be sweaty.

Each time you sweat, there’s an opportunity you’ll deliver a terrible body odor. Certain individuals are more susceptible to foul body odor than others.

Other factors that can affect body odor are:

  • Exercise.
  • Stress or anxiety.
  • Hot weather.
  • Being overweight.
  • Genetics.

Al Biraa Clinic Medical Treatment Followup

After you receive Al Biraa Clinic, Laser Treatment or Botox injections for any focal area, it’s recommended that you follow up with your healthcare provider in 1 to 2 weeks. This follow-up is highly useful because it enables your clinician to ‘touch-up’ any sweating areas that may have been missed during the first round of injections and ensure that you are getting the treatment’s full benefit.

Customer Concern

We always try to complete the customers actual concern. For meet the concern, we are delicately check the customized treatment possibilities.If anyone face the issue of Underarm Excessive/Over Sweating, then book a free appointment/consultation with Al Biraa Clinic experienced medical professional for find the best treatment that fit for your skin.

Al Biraa Clinic first do a detailed examination with the patient existing medical condition, and then our doctors will recommend the best suitable treatment. We always do our job with good analysis and 100% dedication, that’s why we always receives higher no.of treatment satisfaction report from our customers. 

We are always concern about your beauty, so call us and book your appointment today with our specialist for further assistance and Underarm Excessive Sweating/ Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Dubai.

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