Laser Tattoo Removal
Laser Tattoo Removal
Laser Tattoo Removal
Laser Tattoo Removal
Laser Tattoo Removal
Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment in Dubai

Tooting on body has been a popular activity for thousands of years, and even its popularity still getting increase day by day. It has become a fashion now, but with the passage of time, people with tattoos start getting dislike the ink on their skin surface and want to get it removed by somehow. But using ritual tattoo removal methods are not an easy work. Following are few examples of Traditional tattoo removal treatments, Salabrasion, Dermabrasion and Cryosurgery, are drastically invasive with pain, extensive downtimes and countless skin complications. These methods/procedures can also be caused skin infections and other skin issues. Keeping all of these risk factors in mind, majority of people prefer lasers treatment for removing their tattoos.

Nowadays Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment in Dubai is being considered a very safe and lucrative procedure that helps effectively in removing the tattoo ink from the skin surface. Laser Tattoo Removal treatment is non-invasive, and non-surgical.

At Al Biraa Clinic, we use Revilte one of the most latest laser technology to remove color as well as black tattoos. This machine in the presence of highly certified American board plastic surgeons makes the procedure more comfortable and painless. It almost safe and does not become the reason of severe side effects. Our patients are happy and fully satisfied with the equipment we use for tattoo removal.

Goals of the Treatment

The Permanent Tattoo Removal Treatment in Dubai aims to:

  • remove previously treated tattoos
  • make tattoo removal from skin a pain-free treatment procedure
  • help patients to get rid of redundant tattoos
  • altogether remove a faded or smeared tattoo

Who is the right candidate for laser tattoo removal treatment?

He/She who doesn’t want continue wearing the Tattoos can get benefits by going through the Permanent Laser Tattoo Removal treatment in Dubai. However, following conditions are the precise criteria:

  • Minimum 18 years old age required old
  • person should be in good general health

The Laser System We Use

At Al Biraa Clinic, we always use FDA-approved, state-of-the-art, and advanced laser tattoo removal machines. These include:

  • Revlite
  • Q-Switched

Pre Treatment Procedural Instructions

Following are the Pre-Procedures laser tattoo removal treatment:

  • A day before going through the laser tattoo removal treatment procedure Take a good night’s sleep.
  • Before going through the procedure Take a bath with any antibacterial soap
  • Put on a Clip or shave if there are any hair at the tattoo removal skin surface.
  • Try to Wear a loose dress so that tattoo will be able to visible.
  • Have a healthy meal a couple of hours before Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment in Dubai.

Procedure for Tattoo Removal Treatment

Following is the step-by-step laser tattoo removal treatment procedure:

  • Before the laser tattoo removal treatment in Dubai The practitioner applies topical anesthetic/numbing cream to the treatment skin surface area
  • Then, Practitioner wipes off the numbing cream and applies a cooling gel on treatment skin area.
  • After this He/she makes short pulses of the high-intensity laser beam incident on the tattoo using a handheld device.
  • however, the laser breaks down the pigmentation into smaller bits and allows the immune system to eliminate it. Several settings are used for different colors of tattoos, but usually lighter colors take extensive effort to get properly removed from skin surface.
  • He/she will repeat this process until the entire tattoo is treated
  • Afterward, ice packs are used to minimize the discomfort caused by lasers
  • Lastly, he/she applies a topical antibiotic to the treated skin surface area to soothe it and reduce the infection chances.

Post-Procedural Care

The practitioner provides post-procedural care instructions to the patients, that help him/her recover smoothly and quickly. 


Laser tattoo removal treatment in Dubai has a numerous of benefits. Following are the few general benefits mentioned

  • Laser tattoo removal treatment is a safe, minimally invasive and extremely effective tattoo removing technique.
  • The tattoo removal procedure is performed without both local and general anesthesia
  • Laser tattoo removal treatment in Dubai is the least painful tattoo removal technique of all.
  • Normally, this treatment procedure doesn’t have any downtime after the treatment. With some mandatory precautions, patient can start his/her routine activities immediately after the Laser tattoo removal treatment  procedure. However, Practitioners also suggest resting for at least a day for the betterment of the skin.
  • With Laser tattoo removal treatment we can break down even the most reluctant tattoos.
  • It varies skin to skin that how many sessions are required to erase a tattoo.
  • The number of sessions depends on the tattoo colors, age, size, and how well or otherwise it was created.

Laser Tattoo Removal Cost in Dubai

The cost of tattoo removal varies from person to person depending upon the following factors:

  • How well a tattoo was crafted
  • Color of tattoo          
  • Tattoo size
  • The geographic location of your Tattoo provider
  • The expertise of the Surgeons