Profhilo Treatment in Dubai
Profhilo Treatment in Dubai
Profhilo Treatment in Dubai
Profhilo Treatment in Dubai
Profhilo Treatment in Dubai
Profhilo Treatment in Dubai

Profhilo Treatment in Dubai

Profhilo is a beauty injectable Treatment in Dubai which is long-lasting and provides amazing age reversing results

If your skin is losing volume and elasticity or if you are suffering from wrinkles, sagging skin or premature aging and If you want to get rid from these skin problems with a non-surgical anti-aging treatment and that should be safe, effective and long-lasting then Profhilo treatment in Dubai is the best answer. Profhilo treatment has become very popular in Dubai. It’s an anti-aging treatment that is so safe and effective.

Profhilo is the first non chemical cross linking BDDE stabilized injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) based product for treating the skin laxity, skin remodeling and improving the skin tissue quality. Profhilo is the most safe, effective and an amazing source of anti-aging treatment. Since profhilo doesn’t consist any chemical BDDE that’s why risk of hypersensitive in treatment is very lowBecause Profhilo doesn’t contain BDDE, there is a lower risk of hypersensitive reactions to the treatment and there’s the reassurance that you’re not introducing synthetic chemicals into your body.

What is Profhilo Treatment?

For fixing the skin flexibility, Profhilo treatment in Dubai is minimally invasive and non surgical procedure. 

Profhilo Treatment is an amazing and excellent skin tightening treatment that results to remove fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, Profhilo Treatment helps in improving and boosting the texture and tone of the skin. Profhilo Treatment also helps in boosting and enhancing the hydration of the dehydrated skin. Profhilo Treatment also helps to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines and aging signs.

Goals of the Profhilo Treatment

Following are the Profhilo Treatment Goals:

  • offer skin rejuvenation
  • hydrate the skin
  • get rid of aging signs
  • boost the firmness of the skin
  • tighten the skin
  • improve skin tone and texture
  • eliminate wrinkles and fine lines

Ideal candidate Criteria?

You are a right or ideal candidate if you:

  • Want to rejuvenate the neck and face
  • Looking to lighten or brighten your skin
  • want to remove facial wrinkles and fine lines
  • have a desire to get hydrated skin
  • have realistic expectations with the Profhilo Treatment results

Pre Profhilo Treatment Procedure Instructions

Before going through the Profhilo Treatment procedure in Dubai, candidates have to follow few pre-procedure instructions cares to get the desired outcomes. At Al Biraa Clinic Our experienced and professional American Board Plastic Surgeons will let you know these instructions on the basis of your specific case. However, some general instructions are as follows:

  • Before to going through the Profhilo Treatment Avoid direct sun exposure.
  • Take Medicines properly prescribed by your doctor (if any).
  • Discuss medical history with your doctor before you go through the Profhilo Treatment Procedure.

Procedure for Profhilo Treatment

Normally, Profhilo Treatment procedure takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour complete. During the profhilo Treatment procedure, Practitioner injects Hyaluronic acid into the targeted skin areas with the help of syringe. It stimulates the elasticity of the skin by activating 4 types of collagen. Major tissue quality is improved as a result of the procedure. Generally, about 2 sessions are enough to get the desired results.

Profhilo Treatment Post-Procedure cares

Bellow are the post Profhilo Treatment procedure instructions

  • Before going through the Profhilo Treatment Procedure Don’t involve  in any hard or heavy physical activity for at least a week.
  • Avoid direct sunlight heat exposure. Use sunscreen prescribed by your doctor before to go outside.
  • Use cold compresses to get rid of swelling and bruising.

Results and Recovery

Profhilo Treatment has minimal downtime . If candidate follows all the prescribed instructions then he/she will get good and promising results. moreover, she/he can get back to his routine work right after going through the Profhilo Treatment procedure, but she/he has to avoid heavy activities for a few days. Our experienced Surgeons highly recommend using sunscreen to prevent UV light rays.

Profhilo Treatment in Dubai Benefits

You can achieve the following benefits with Profhilo Treatment Dubai:

  • For increasing the elasticity and firmness in skin Profhilo Treatment is excellent treatment
  • The Profhilo Treatment procedure improves skin texture and tone.
  • Profhilo Treatment restores the skin’s radiance.
  • It helps achieve a more attractive and younger appearance.
  • Candidates get a significant boost in their confidence.
  • It hydrates the skin.
  • Profhilo Treatment procedure lifts the skin.
  • This procedure comes with no or little downtime.
  • It is time-saving.
  • Candidates need fewer Profhilo Treatment sessions to get their required results.
  • Profhilo Treatment procedure is non-surgical.
  • It is a cost-effective procedure that comes with minimal side-effects.

Profhilo Treatment in Dubai FAQs

Accordion Sample DescriptionProfhilo costs from 1300 - 3500 dhs depending on the number of sessions
Yes, clinical tests show that Profhilo not only provides hydration but also improves elasticity and collagen production of the skin.
Profhilo can be injected to the face and neck using specific technique that gives the best results.
No, Profhilo has more subtle results than botox. It is mainly used as a skin booster for someone who wants a more natural look.
All procedures have their own risks but Profhilo is a safer option compared to fillers. Although rare, side effects can include allergic reaction, infection or hematoma.
Ideally, 2-3 sessions one month apart is recommended.
Profhilo is an injectable procedure, however we do numb the area before injecting in order to make it as comfortable for you as possible.
Profhilo is safer than fillers but does not have as much of a drastic change as fillers.
Ideally, 10 injections. 5 on each side but it depends on the area of concern.
Although rare, side effects can include allergic reaction, infection or hematoma.
Avoid physical strain and sports for 24 hours. It is not recommended to have sauna or steamy bath for the first few days either. It’s best to stay out of the sun to avoid any visible bruising or pigmentation.
Yes, to some extent Profhilo helps to smoothen out the fine lines and REDUCE wrinkles as it boosts collagen and elastin production.
Yes you can, but you would need to wait at least 2 weeks before you can do botox.
Yes, it helps with under eye wrinkles and hollowness.
Profhilo is recommended for anyone above 30, however even younger age groups can do it as it is a skin booster and can delay signs of aging appearing.
No, profhilo can last from 4-6 months and then it needs too be repeated in order to regain the effect.
Yes, profhilo reduces the appearance of wrinkles, hydrates and helps to boost collagen. This in turn makes the skin look more fresh and rejuvenated.
Profhilo is good for wrinkles, fine lines, hydration and lifting.
Yes, as it boosts collagen and elastin production which helps to tighten skin.
Yes, but it will require several sessions.