Al Biraa clinic receives a wide variety of patients with a multitude of skin care conditions. Among the most common conditions the visitors seek help are skin pigmentation problems and anti-ageing solutions.

The patients fall into two general categories: 

 1. The under 30 years old patients, usually come for skin pigmentation and acne problems. Otherwise, they come for structural appearance modifications such as fillers for cheekbones, nose, and chin. 

  2.  The over 30 years old patients come for skin pigmentation problems and additionally for anti-ageing treatments such as wrinkle reduction injections, such as botox and fillers and “lifting” procedures such as micro-needling, radiofrequency, high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU, SHIFU, Ulthera), Polylactic acid injections (Sculptra and analogs) and in some selected cases, surgical procedures (thread-lifts and facelifts).

Skin care treatment

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