Albiraa clinic provides remarkable services in aesthetic medicine and healthcare. We concentrate on skincare and laser treatments other than the regular treatments,  to make you look better and be more confident of yourself. We have got the perfect solutions for your acne/pimples, skin whitening/Glow,  pigmentation/dark spots, hair removal, wrinkles, Hydration/Dry skin, Lifting/Contour, Dark Circles, and more.

Known for its high-quality treatment and services, the clinic was established in 2010 by Ayman Mofti. With his effort, great knowledge, expert physicians, and highly qualified health practitioners, Albira came up to be one of the most successful clinics in the area.

The clinic holds a high reputation beyond Dubai capturing maximum attraction from GCC, Africa, and India, etc. We at Albiraa ensure that you get the best services and treatments with highly experienced and well-qualified Doctors, staff, honesty, and ethics in work, satisfying and happy services.

Our strong backbones of the clinic

Dr. M Y Raslan MD, DC (Chiropractor)
Dr. Hexor G Cruz (Plastic Surgeon)
Dr. Khaled Hussein (Consultant Orthopedic Surgery)
Prof. Dr. Michael Zitzmann (Consultant Diabetes and Endocrinology)
Ebtisam Kotkat (Oriental Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture & Hijama)
Vaneeta Shahani (Homeopathy Practitioner)
Tamim Rahman (General Practitioner).

Ruzanna Ghazariyan who joined the clinic with an MD degree and became a managing partner in 2003, has also been a strong pillar behind the success of the clinic.

The skincare treatments we focus on

Bio revitalization treatment in Dubai – In simple words, Bio-revitalization refers to a non-surgical procedure that makes you look younger. The essential component for anti-aging is hyaluronic acid, though different ingredients can be used for the same purpose. The treatment will make your skin smooth, rejuvenated, elastic, firm and boost your skin condition gradually.

Some of the benefits of Bio-Revitalization treatments

It reduces acne scars
It rejuvenates your skin
It makes your skin healthy and smooth
It reduces fine lines and wrinkles
It boosts  your confidence

Bio-Revitalization can only be the right procedure for you if you have stretch marks, sun-damaged skin, aging signs (wrinkles & fine lines), scars, skin rejuvenation, and skin hydration.

HydraFacial treatment

This treatment is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment like a regular facial in Dubai but this one is the medical-grade professional version which provides better results. Hydrafacial in Dubai is beneficial for all ages, complexions, and even for those people without a skin problem.

There are many benefits of HydraFacial which looks into most skin care needs

Hydrafacial removes dead skin revealing a new layer of the skin beneath
Hydrafacial removes debris from your skin pores
Hydrafacial maximises your face glow
Hydrafacial induces the clean and fresh feeling
Hydrafacial improves skin texture
Hydrafacial provides smoother, more radiant skin

Acne Scar treatment – It’s a very popular treatment these days. There are various options available for this treatment. Acne scars are usually quite stubborn to treat and would require a combination of treatment modalities to achieve maximum results. An experienced doctor will thoroughly examine the type of scar you have and customise a personalised treatment plan for you, to suggest the best acne scar treatment for you.

The acne scar treatment options available at Albiraa Clinic are
Micro-needling procedure with Radio Frequency (MRF):

The addition of radio-frequency energy to the micro-needling procedure helps to stimulate the body’s natural collagen and healing processes faster. This leads to reduced appearance of scars by tightening the skin.


A simple Acne Scar Removal that uses a machine to polish away the top layer of the scarred skin. It polishes the affected areas and stimulates the growth of new skin free of scars and acne blemishes. This procedure also boosts the collagen levels to counter the scarring caused by acne.

Mesotherapy with Derma pen:

Mesotherapy is a form of micro-needling which is done either with a derma pen or injections using specific serums beneficial for your scar treatment. It also stimulates collagen production.

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections (PRP):

PRP is your plasma taken from your blood which gives us concentrated growth factors essential for scar healing.

Fractional Radiofrequency:

It is a form of surgical treatment using radio-frequency which creates thermal injury to your skin thereby causing collagen stimulation.

Chemical Peels:

A diluted acidic solution is applied to the facial skin. This helps to remove the outermost, damaged, or torn layer of the skin revealing healthier skin beneath.

Among Laser treatments

Laser skin whitening  – This would be perfect for anyone who wishes to have skin light, whitening, and glowing skin tone

Laser skin tag removal treatment – The purpose of a Laser Skin Tag Removal treatment is mainly to give you smooth and bump-free skin.

Laser hair removal – Laser hair removal treatment in Dubai is considered to be one the most popular aesthetic treatments. It can be used on any area of the body including the face.

Laser hair removal is a very good choice for those who have excess body hair and are looking for a noninvasive way to effectively and permanently reduce or even completely remove hairs.


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