After age 30, small aging atrophic changes of the skin, fat and bone of the face start to occur.  Small degrees of skin, fat and bone thinning cause sagging and wrinkling. At this time, classical skin care is not enough to fully reverse the visible findings and stronger solutions are required.

Often, the first step in the anti-aging protocols is botulinum toxin injections (Botox), the first area affected being the central forehead and the lateral eyelid laugh line wrinkles. This treatment is safe, effective, predictable, and long lasting. Most people require just 2 or 3 treatments a year.

VERY RECENTLY a new development has been established for anti aging treatments.  Its is BIOSTIMULATION WITH INJECTABLE POLY LACTIC ACID (PLLA).  In our opinion, this treatment (BIOSTIMULATION) is rapidly overtaking the use of injectable fillers as the first choice in our antiaging “toolbox”.  Unlike fillers, it does not distort the patient’s appearance and the result looks amazingly natural.

There are several brand names in the market in this category of medications with Sculptra, Aesthefill and Radiesse being some of them.  The treatment experience and recovery are similar as the common injectable hyaluronic acid fillers (such as Juvederm, Restylane, Teosyal, Belotero, etc).

Of course, fillers are still used extensively in patients that want to modify their natural God given looks.  There are some people that request (and require) stronger, more pronounced cheekbones, jawlines, chins, and straighter noses. For these reasons the use of dermal fillers is an integral part of methods.


Algeness is a 100% natural biodegradable tissue implant consisting of a gel derived from agarose which is a natural sugar extracted from red algae.  It has superior longevity in the body when compared to hyaluronic acid.

The main advantage is that lasts longer, and the filler correction and augmentation is easier to estimate for the injecting physician. So, the aesthetic result and benefit is maximized for the patient.  There is less possibility of looking puffed up or looking like an inflated balloon, something frequently seen on the streets of Dubai.

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