Al Biraa Clinic owns and uses one of the most extensive arrays of modern electronic machinery used for lifting in the UAE.  Thus, we can accurately treat the patient’s condition and match it to the best technological solution available.

We have the following equipment:

  1. Radiofrequency equipment:

  Renova Frax : fractional mono and bipolar energy

  Botem: bipolar radiofrequency 

  Blue Vance: bipolar radiofrequency

  Forma:  bipolar radiofrequency

  1. Radiofrequency combined with micro needling

  Vivace:    excellent for textural improvement in acne scarring and active acne

  Focus Dual: for undereye treatments and more severe acne scarring and lifting

  Morpheus:     for major lifting of cheeks and neck and for fat remodeling and melting.

  1. High intensity focused ultrasound



  1. Lasers

    Cynosure Revlite Q switched laser: skin rejuvenation, skin whitening and tattoo removal.

    Cynosure Elite: hair and small facial veins (vascular telangiectasias) removal.

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