Secrets About Celebrities' Favorite Botox Injection Treatment

From the individuals who swear by it to the people who swear against it, botox is a controversial subject. Indeed, even dermatologists have varying feelings on the treatment: “Botox is a neurotoxin that paralyzes the muscle,” Dr. Fredric Brandt, a New York-and Miami-based dermatologist, told – “After people use it, they start losing volume right in front of them, and that accelerates the appearance of aging.” Then again, many dermatologists are defenders of the practice and accept, when done consistently, it can keep your face perpetually youthful. This explains why botox is one of the most favorite treatments for famous celebrities  who always love more youthful look.

Recollect when lip fillers and Botox appeared to be taboo? In the early 2000s, celebrities and VIPs especially appeared to be more guarded about revealing what kinds of restorative methodology they had done. Nowadays, stars talk about their relationship with Botox and fillers similarly as they would talk about their favorite drugstore beauty products. And, the A-listers are not alone. According to Allergan, the company most popular for making Botox and Juvéderm, 5.5 million people have gotten fillers inside the past year alone.


Celebrities Who Use Botox

Cindy Crawford 

If there is a proud and out-of-the-closet celebrity with botox, it is Cindy Crawford. She has publicly admitted that the skin loses its natural elasticity after a certain age. Hence, she got the botox treatment to restore it. Although Cindy led a healthy life, she needed botox and doesn’t find it regrettable. 

Tom Cruise  

It is a common perception that only female celebrities use botox time and again. Popping that myth means proclaiming that male celebrities like Tom Cruise have been using Botox for quite some time now. Experts believe that botox is why he still looks so vigorously energetic and charming. 

Some Other Celebrities Names Who Done Botox is disclosed over here, Jennie Garth, Kelly Ripa, Courteney Cox ,Kim Kardashian, Jenny McCarthy ,Nicole Kidman ,Jessica Simpson ,Gwyneth Paltrow , Anna Faris, Katie Price ,Megan Fox ,Janice Dickinson ,Julia Roberts ,Kylie Minogue, Wendy Williams ,Vanessa Williams ,Emma Watson and many others as well. We take this information from a leading publication [FABBON], thanks for their work and people awareness programs.If these celebrities got a good visible results and public comments, it must be secure and more effective dermal treatment.

We have given you enough insight on celebrities with botox, that is, celebrities who have used botox in their career to maintain their persona or otherwise. 

As a part of the conclusion, we will tell you about one celebrity who might not have gotten botox treatment done on herself but has been candid about it in public. 

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