The use of lip plumper glosses is a very safe, quick, economic and painless way of enhancing the lips especially for last minute social gatherings. Its use is many decades old. The way the glosses work is by creating increased blood flow to the lip skin.

The gloss contains a mixture of chemicals, usually derived from chili peppers (capsicum), cinnamon, peppermint, mustard, menthol or bee venom. By putting these substances in contact with the lip skin, it creates a low grade inflammation to the area thereby increasing the blood flow to the lips and with it, body cells in the blood that induce edema and fluid retention in the area.

The increased fluid “grows” the lips. Hyaluronic acid added to the lip glosses. Hyaluronic acid molecules absorb thousands of times their weight in water thereby hydrating and plumping the lips when the lip skin absorbs the hyaluronic acid that is within the lip gloss.

The lip gloss combined with clever and precise lip coloring can enhance the lips to a level comparable to more expensive lip fillers.

For people that have not been blessed by curvaceous lips and their thinness, there are many injectable fillers and techniques to achieve a bigger size.

Lip volume however, is only one aspect of a beautiful lip. 

A delightful lip must have freshness and sharp edges where it meets the external skin, the shapes of the cupids bow, the focal tubercle and the philtral sections ought to be all around characterized, just as the vermilion lines.

The angle between the lip and the nose should not be acute and when smiling the lips should not have a gummy smile or visible lumps or asymmetry.

Our ultimate goal

A careful assessment of the lip and its relationship to the patient’s other characteristics is critically important to achieve enhanced beauty.

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Hexor G. Cruz MD ( Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon )

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